Nonsensical Madness

Liberation: Aya Brea Stupid Dragon: Goda Ryuji Silver Dragon: Kiryu Kazuma No Evil: the Monkey's Paw Wounded: Linus Reed

Shot Through the Heart: Tomoe Mami Some Guys have All the Luck: Mine Yoshitaka Dear Diary: L'il Cactus Transience: Pharos In Harmony Kirijo Mitsuru

Mandate of Heaven: Pooka Amazing: Terra Starshine Unlimited: Man with the Golden Bow - Rowen Hashiba Atlas: Gaius My Hands: Ludger Will Kresnik

Promising Eternity: Aya Brea and Kyle Madigan Russian Roulette: Xanxus Next to Me: Cullen Rutherford Charm: Eizen